Farting Benjamin – Episode Four

Benjamin talks business with his boss.

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The Three Stooges – First Trailer

The first trailer for The Three Stooges hit the web last week and theaters this past weekend.

I first met Pete and Bob Farrelly about seven years ago. They told me about the project and that they’d heard my name as someone to think about as a possible Curly.

The whole process, from that first meeting to now, has been such a dream that I can’t say enough about so I won’t try. I also can’t say enough about Chris Diamantopoulos and Sean Hayes. And the Farrellys. And writer, Mike Cerrone. And producers, Brad Thomas and Charlie Wessler. And Craig Bierko, Stephen Collins, Larry David, Kirby Heyborne, Jane Lynch and SofĂ­a Vergara. And everyone else involved in paying homage to the Stooges by bringing this tribute to life.

More to come

The movie opens on April 13th. Here’s the first trailer.

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For Christ’s Sake – on DVD

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For Christ’s Sake, a feature I produced under my Lord Mucker Entertainment banner, is now available on DVD through Amazon.com and will soon be available on lots of other cool formats.

We shot it in 2007. Sometimes it takes a while to find distribution in independent film… haha… ha.

The film stars, Jed Rees, Sara Rue, Alex Borstein, Michael Hitchcock, David Dean Bottrell, Ike Barinholtz, Matt Champagne, Kyle Bornheimer and a guy who looks just like me with a mustache. It was written by Jeff Lewis and directed by Jackson Douglas and holy crap, it’s funny.

I’m happy the film is finally out. A lot of people worked very hard on it. Except for whoever misspelled Jed Rees’ name on the Amazon DVD cover art. Sometimes there are spelling mistakes in independent film… haha… ha.

But check out the cool poster my good friend Christina Wilson did for us (top left of post). She’s incredibly talented and hasn’t made a single spelling mistake ever in her entire life.

I hope you’ll check the movie out and enjoy. There are some really hilarious performances in it. Here’s the red band trailer.

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Hamfatter 2.1

Check it out! Hamfatter is back and it has a new look! Weee!

For those of you who frequent this site, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was in India on a spiritual journey and now I’m like a totally different dude. Psych! Just joshin, I didn’t go to India. I’ve kinda been busy with some self-serving showbiz career stuff. You were all, “Wow, Will went to India on a spiritual journey and now he’s like a totally different dude. Maybe someday I’ll travel to India and… WHAT THE?! SCREW YOU, WILL! I TRUSTED YOU!” Oh relax, I was just having you on. I love you. Really. So yeah, anyway…

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There’s been a lot happening since I last posted. I shot The Guys Who Move Furniture and The Three Stooges back to back, this past March to August. They’ll be hitting theaters in the new year and when we get closer to their respective releases, I’ll be sure to update with all sorts of news and cool inside stuff – like how Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos and I beat the living snot out of one another on Stooges. All. Hitting. Real.

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There’s been some other movie stuff surfacing lately. The Legend of Awesomest Maximus and Division III: Football’s Finest are both now available through On Demand and/or DVD and maybe the television… uh… I guess you could just see what’s going on with those on Google or whatever. Also, For Christ’s Sake, an independent film I produced and co-starred in, is now very close to release and… um… you can see it… I’ll update here but… y’know what, please just Google that too. Okay cool.

More recently, myself and Chad Kultgen sold a sitcom to FOX through our Warner Brothers deal. It’s called All Americans and follows two brothers who haven’t seen each other in a decade, one a newly-discharged Army Ranger alpha asshole and the other an anti-establishment street artist hipster pussy. The two reunite and try to make sense of what the other has become while also looking to justify their own path. Perhaps they’re a metaphor for this great country of ours. If Chad and I have our way, each episode will feature the brothers in a twenty minute mixed martial arts-style match, throughout various sitcom sets. Also, the brothers WILL be played by Brock Lesnar and Anderson Silva. No exceptions! If the network isn’t down with that, we’ll probably just follow a more traditional half-hour structure and pack it with great characters and jokes. This isn’t the first time Kultgen and I have worked together in the sitcom world. A couple years back, we wrote and produced the Sony for CBS sitcom pilot, Waiting to Die. That one was about two dudes who haven’t been away from each other at all over the past decade. Basically, if you’re looking for a show about two dudes who have either been apart for the last decade or together for the last decade, we’re your guys.

Here’s a video I shot the other day in Kutlgen’s home, that takes you inside the creative process of the iconoclastic author of The Average American Male and other controversial works.

Speaking of FOX, I’ve been cast in the co-lead of the FOX animation pilot, Murder Police. It’s a police procedural but because it’s a cartoon, there’s way more blood and violent death in it than in those other cop shows.

What else. Oh, $#*! My Dad Says and Mongo Wrestling Alliance were both cancelled after their respective first seasons. It happens. Shows get shitcanned all the time. Not a lot of people remember this but both NYPD Blue and The Simpsons were cancelled after approximately just a few seasons or so.

Thanks for reading this update. I appreciate it. Lots of fun stuff happening here on Hamfatter in the very near future, that won’t involve as much reading about movies and TV, so come back soon!

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Dream Crushers

A good while back Bryan Callen, Sara Rue, Scott Thompson and I got together with Marshall Cook to conceive and shoot Dream Crushers, five fun little shorts about friendship. As previously detailed here, the shorts have been buried for the past two plus years in a situation that pretty much guaranteed they’d never be seen.

SOMEONE went and posted ALL FIVE episodes on YouTube! WHO could have DONE this?! WHO, I say!!

…I guess we’ll never know.

And now, I give you, all five episodes of Dream Crushers. Enjoy!


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