The Three Stooges – Second Trailer

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The second trailer for The Three Stooges has been released.

In the past few days, TV spots have started airing and pretty soon the Stooges themselves will be showing up in all sorts of places, doing all sorts of knuckleheaded stuff. Getting to goof around with Sean Hayes and Chris Diamantopoulos again is more fun than should be allowed. We’re still cracking each other up, in and out of character, a year after this adventure started. So that’s nice.

The whole experience has been a blast, I still can’t believe I’m the actor that gets to bring Curly back to the big screen and I hope people have as much fun watching this tribute to the Stooges as we did making it.

The movie opens on April 13th. Here’s the second trailer.

Ps. Here’s what Howard Stern had to say about the movie. He’s a popular radio disc jockey.

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