Christmas Bowl XVIII

Every Christmas Day for the past eighteen years, myself and some dudes I haven’t been able to shake since grade school have been playing football in our hometown of Canada.

It is without a doubt the most important tradition in the modern era of holiday sports.

With the game’s winners taking the Lord Mucker Cup as the ultimate prize, Christmas Bowl has kept alive the dreams of a group of former standout athletes and secures a year of bragging rights for it’s victors. Yesterday, under extreme wind and freezing temperatures, my team dished out a 35-15 beat down on our shitty shitbag opponents. After the game, the cup was filled with Canadian beer and our reign as undisputed champions began.

I thought I’d share a photo of that glorious moment, forever frozen in time.

Pictured are myself along with lifelong pals, Navi Sekhon (left) and Phil Deeks (right). Sekhon a former Canadian College Basketball “Player of the Year,” two years in a row, and Deeks a legendary figure during his time as quarterback at the University of British Columbia. They’re two of the most competitive competitors I have ever had the honor of competing with and against on the field of competition. As for myself, I’m still very young and still just as dominant an athlete as I was as one of the top high school offensive lineman prospects in the entire fucking country and could probably make the current Pittsburgh Steelers roster as a walk-on, but I’m busy with stuff so I can’t right now, and that’s the only reason.

Happy Holidays!

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