The Guys Who Move Furniture

This week I travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia to begin shooting Mike Clattenburg‘s latest feature film, The Guys Who Move Furniture. The story centers around a kind, uncomplicated man named Clyde, who’s longtime work situation is put into question, leading him to rethink his job and himself. I play that guy. I’m really looking forward to jumping into this film for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is getting to work with Clattenburg, who created, wrote and directed Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian institution that lasted seven seasons on TV and birthed two movies. It’s one of my all-time favorite shows and easily one of the funniest comedy franchises of the past few thousand years or so.I flew to Halifax last week to sit down and talk shop with Clattenburg and the film’s other writer, Mike O’Neil. It’s rare that you see as eye to eye creatively with new collaborators in the way that I do with these two. I really think that people who enjoy either my or Mike’s work will dig this film. It’s going to be something different than what’s normally expected from either of us. The film also stars the lovely and talented Gabrielle Miller and just to make sure this thing doesn’t get TOO Canadian, which can be pretty annoying, the always hysterical, sometimes violent and never Canadian Charlie Murphy also stars. There will be an element of improv to this project and I’m very much looking forward to mixing it up with Charlie. And yes, I do mean fist fighting.

Halifax might be cold as shit but the people are warm as fuck and I’m looking forward to being a “Haligonian” for the next month. No matter where I go in Canada, people always make me feel like I’m home. I probably don’t say it enough but I’m very proud to be from Canada and I’ve always wanted to do more work there. Hopefully someday Canadian cinema will garner the same respect and praise around the world that films from filthy backwards countries like France, Spain and Australia receive.

Here’s an interview with Clattenburg and one of my favorite TPB characters, J-Roc, talking about their process behind the making of Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day.

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